This is the launch edition of the 2019-20 VCU Bulletin. This version includes all programs and courses approved by the publication deadline; however we may receive notification of additional program approvals after the launch. The final edition and full PDF version will include these updates and will be available in August prior to the beginning of the fall semester. (See the Archives page for bulletins for 2018-19.)

HUSI 190. College Seminar. 1 Hour.

1 lecture hour. 1 credit. May be repeated once for credit. Open only to students who participate in these programs. A seminar designed for first-year programs coordinated through the office of the dean of the College of Humanities and Sciences. Designed to help students integrate general education courses.

HUSI 491. College Topics. 3 Hours.

Semester course; 3 lecture hours. 3 credits. May be repeated with different topics for maximum of 6 credits. Open primarily to seniors; others with permission of instructor. A discussion of complex issues that are of enduring value or of critical interest to society. The goals of the course are to (1) bring general principles from disciplinary or a variety of disciplinary contexts to bear on specific problems; (2) exercise critical thinking; (3) understand and integrate diverse perspectives; and (4) explore models of decision-making, underlying assumptions and implications. See the Schedule of Classes for specific topics to be offered each semester.