Advanced study in health administration and information systems is available through combined degree programs co-sponsored by the Department of Health Administration in the School of Allied Health Professions and the Department of Information Systems in the School of Business.

The combined M.H.A/M.S. program allows students interested in the fields of health management and information technology to earn two highly ranked and relevant master’s degrees in just three years, which is the time it usually takes to complete just one of the degrees. The combined degree program is ideal for students who are pursuing careers in health IT management, health IT business consulting or working in the health IT vendor industry.  

Applicants for this program are required to meet the admission requirements of each program. For information regarding the dual-degree program, contact the director of the program.

The proposed curriculum allows students to earn both the M.H.A. and the M.S. in Information Systems with a total of 78 credit hours rather than the 89 credit hours that would be required to obtain the degrees separately. The dual-degree option offers this credit-hour efficiency by taking advantage of curricular similarities in the two programs and allowing some courses to count toward both sets of requirements. A total of 12 credit hours will count toward both degrees and the M.H.A. foundation courses will be substituted for the business school foundation course requirements for combined degree students. Students in the combined degree program will follow the same schedule as regular M.H.A. students, including the two lockstep years.

Students will take 51 credit hours of health administration courses required for the M.H.A. and nine additional courses (27 credit hours) in the M.S. in Information Systems program, including INFO   610INFO   620 and INFO   630. Students whose undergraduate degrees are not in information systems may also be required to take additional undergraduate prerequisite courses before taking the graduate information systems courses, as determined by the program adviser. The HADM   612 course taken for the M.H.A. will substitute for INFO   640, normally required for the M.S. in Information Systems degree, and one of the additional information systems courses will also count toward the elective courses in the M.H.A. program. A three-credit-hour, 10-week internship is required and must have substantial global, entrepreneurial and/or experiential components related to both degrees. The six information systems courses to be taken in addition to INFO   610INFO   620 and INFO   630, must be approved by the program adviser and would normally be selected to satisfy one of the M.S. in Information Systems concentrations.

HADM   602Health System Organization, Financing and Performance3
HADM   606Health Care Managerial Accounting3
HADM   607Financial Management in Health Organizations3
HADM   608Seminar in Health Care Finance3
HADM   609Managerial Epidemiology2
HADM   610Health Analytics and Decision Support3
HADM   611Health Care Law and Bioethics3
HADM   612Information Systems for Health Care Management3
HADM   614Health Care Marketing3
HADM   615Health Care Politics and Policy3
HADM/ECON 624Health Economics3
HADM   646Health Care Organization and Leadership3
HADM   647Management of Health Care Organizations3
HADM   648Strategic Management in Health Care Organizations3
HADM   649Human Resources Management in Health Care3
HADM   681Clinical Concepts and Relationships2
HADM   682Executive Skills I1
HADM   683Executive Skills II1
HADM   693Internship in Health Administration3
INFO   610Analysis and Design of Database Systems3
INFO   620Data Communications3
INFO   630Systems Development3
INFO electives (chosen with permission of adviser)6
INFO focus area courses (see options below)12
Total Hours78

Total graduate credit hours required (minimum) 78

Information systems focus areas

Students must declare a focus in two of the following areas and take the classes offered for each of those two areas for a total of 12 credit hours.

Business engineering
INFO   611Data Re-engineering3
INFO   632Business Process Engineering3
Information assurance
INFO   622Internet Security Management3
INFO   644Principles of Computer and Information Systems Security3
Information technology management
INFO   641Strategic Information Systems Planning3
INFO   643Information Technology Project Management3
Knowledge engineering
INFO   614Data Mining3
INFO   616Data Warehousing3

Sample M.H.A./M.S. in Information Systems plan of study

Year one
Fall semesterHours
HADM   602 Health System Organization, Financing and Performance 3
HADM   606 Health Care Managerial Accounting 3
HADM   609 Managerial Epidemiology 2
HADM   646 Health Care Organization and Leadership 3
HADM   681 Clinical Concepts and Relationships 2
HADM   682 Executive Skills I 1
Prerequisite HADM or INFO courses if needed  
 Term Hours: 14
Spring semester
HADM   607 Financial Management in Health Organizations 3
HADM   610 Health Analytics and Decision Support 3
HADM   624
Health Economics
or Health Economics
HADM   647 Management of Health Care Organizations 3
Prerequisite HADM or INFO courses if needed  
 Term Hours: 12
Summer semester
Prerequisite INFO courses if needed  
 Term Hours: 0
Year two
Fall semester
HADM   608 Seminar in Health Care Finance 3
HADM   612 Information Systems for Health Care Management 3
HADM   615 Health Care Politics and Policy 3
HADM   683 Executive Skills II 1
INFO course (elective or focus area course from above) 3
Prerequisite INFO courses, if needed  
 Term Hours: 13
Spring semester
HADM   611 Health Care Law and Bioethics 3
HADM   614 Health Care Marketing 3
HADM   648 Strategic Management in Health Care Organizations 3
HADM   649 Human Resources Management in Health Care 3
 Term Hours: 12
Summer semester
HADM   693 Internship in Health Administration 3
 Term Hours: 3
Year three
Fall semester
INFO   610 Analysis and Design of Database Systems 3
INFO   620 Data Communications 3
INFO   630 Systems Development 3
INFO focus area course (from above) 3
 Term Hours: 12
Spring semester
INFO elective 3
INFO focus area courses (from above) 9
 Term Hours: 12
 Total Hours: 78

Graduate program director
Dolores G. Clement, Ph.D., FACHE
Professor and director, dual-degree programs
Phone: (804) 828-0719

Additional contact
Suzanne C. Havasy
Coordinator, M.H.A. program
Phone: (804) 828-0719

Program website: