Sports Medicine Building
1300 West Broad Street
Box 842003
Richmond, Virginia 23284-2003
Phone: (804) 828-7821
Fax: (804) 828-4938

Carrie Le Crom, Ph.D.
Executive director

Brendan Dwyer, Ph.D.
Director of research and distance learning

Gregory Greenhalgh, Ph.D.
Director of student services and outreach

The Center for Sport Leadership at VCU was developed with the idea of creating an innovative, practical learning environment that would prepare students for a successful career in the sport industry. This new educational paradigm teaches students the necessary skills, while giving them ownership of operational responsibility to the organization and providing access to upper-level administrators and coaches. The center has placed students in every area of the industry, including professional, intercollegiate, Olympic, nonprofit and grassroots organizations. These successful alumni provide a useful tool in establishing a network base for connecting with future leaders in the industry.