The School of Pharmacy offers a Pharm.D./Master of Science (M.S.) in Pharmaceutical Sciences as a graduate/professional dual degree program that teaches individuals to analyze and solve problems of interest to pharmacists. Students develop a broad range of skills by taking classes and working closely with faculty. Since the degree is offered concurrently with the professional pharmacy degree, certain efficiencies can be realized that permit students to graduate sooner than might be expected; although, this degree may require up to two years of study beyond the Pharm.D. program depending on the student’s educational background and chosen area of study. Students will take the required Pharm.D. curriculum, with selected substitutions of required courses with graduate-level courses, in addition to the graduate curriculum.

Credit efficiencies. In the P-3 and P-4 years (corresponding to the G-1 and G-2 years), the student will be enrolled full time in the Pharm.D./M.S. dual degree program. The students may take up to six core or elective graduate credits as Pharm.D. electives, which are also applied toward six didactic M.S. credits. In order to be eligible for the Pharm.D. degree, students must earn a minimum number of 155 credits, which includes a maximum of six didactic credits that may also be applied toward the M.S. degree. In order to be eligible for the M.S., dual degree students must earn a minimum of 24 didactic credits and six directed research credits.