Through a cooperative arrangement with the University of Richmond T.C. Williams Law School, selected students in either school may pursue a combined four-year curriculum of graduate study leading to the degrees of Master of Social Work and Juris Doctor. The program is established in recognition of the role of public law in social and economic life. The dual-degree program prepares professionals versed in the values, knowledge and skills of both fields, bringing an integrated base of competency to the resolution of human and social problems. The time normally required for completion of the integrated four-year curriculum is one academic year less than if each degree were taken separately. Elective courses will enable students to select areas in law and in social work which meet their particular interests.

See the individual program pages for specific admission requirements, application deadlines, program goals, student learning outcomes, degree requirements and graduation requirements for the M.S.W. degree program and its concentrations.

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Application process

Applicants must successfully meet the admission requirements of both schools and upon admission are assigned an adviser in each school. Students in dual-degree study may begin the course work in either school, with the sequence of courses being determined by the point of entry.

Application for admission must be made to each institution separately. Those interested should contact both the Admissions Office of the T.C. Williams Law School, University of Richmond, VA 23173 and the VCU Graduate Admissions Office at

Graduate program director
Melissa L. Abell, Ph.D.
M.S.W. program director
Phone: (804) 828-2007

Additional contact
James Gibson, J.D.
Professor of law
University of Richmond
T.C. Williams Law School
Phone: (804) 287-6398

Program website: