Class size permitting, students may register for courses on an audit basis. Auditing a course means students enroll in courses, but do not receive academic credit upon completion of the courses. Students who register on an audit basis are subject to attendance regulations of that class and, unless otherwise specified at the discretion of the instructor, are subject to the same course requirements as other students in the class. Students who register on an audit basis may be administratively withdrawn by instructors for a violation of class requirements for audit students, before or after the normal withdrawal deadline as posted on the VCU Academic Calendar. Audit students are charged the regular rate of tuition and fees. An audit course is counted as part of a student’s semester load in terms of classification as a full-time student. Courses taken for audit, however, do not satisfy minimum enrollment requirements for students receiving graduate teaching or research assistantships, graduate fellowships or university graduate scholarships. Students may register for audit only during add/drop and late registration periods as a new registration and not as a change from credit to audit. Changes in registration status from audit to credit or from credit to audit will not be approved after the last day of add/drop registration. The grade of AU is not included in the calculation of the GPA.

Revised 5/11/2010
University Graduate Council