Work quality is measured by the four-point grade system with the following equivalents:

Grade symbol and meaning Grade-point value per semester credit
A 4.0
B 3.0
C 2.0
D 1.0
F 0.0
P/F (Pass/Fail) 0.0
PR 0.0
S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) 0.0

All other grades are temporary, carry no credit and are not used in the computation of a GPA. Refer to the following pages for an explanation of the use of the grades of satisfactory and unsatisfactory in relation to thesis/dissertation/research classes.

The number of grade points earned is computed by multiplying the grade-point value for the letter grade by the number of semester credits for the course. As an example, a student receiving an A (i.e., four grade points) in a three-credit course receives 12 grade points.

The grades of accepted transfer courses are not included in the computation of the VCU GPA. Graduate students are not designated as special honors graduates (i.e., cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude) on transcripts or diplomas upon completion of their programs.

No graduate student shall be awarded degree credit for remedial work. Students advised to take any level course for remedial work should be notified in writing that the course credit shall not apply to the degree they are pursuing. Other bodies may rule later, should the student wish to apply the credit to some other degree.

Grade of audit (AU)

Class size permitting, students may register for courses on an audit basis. A student may register for audit only during add/drop and late registration periods as a new registration and not as a change from credit to audit. Auditing a course means a student enrolls in a course, but does not receive academic credit upon completion of the course. A student who registers on an audit basis is subject to attendance regulations of that class and may be administratively withdrawn by an instructor for a violation of class requirements for audit students, before or after the normal eight-week withdrawal deadline. A student who registers for audit may be subject to other course requirements at the discretion of the instructor. Audit students are charged the regular rate of tuition and fees. An audit course is counted as part of the student’s semester load in terms of classification as a full-time student. Courses taken for audit, however, do not satisfy minimum enrollment requirements for students receiving graduate teaching or research assistantships, graduate fellowships or university graduate scholarships.

Grade of continued (CO)

The grade of CO may be assigned as an interim grade for those courses that run over several grade reporting periods. The CO indicates that the course is not expected to be completed in a single semester and that students must reregister for the course. Upon completion of the course, a final grade will be assigned to the current semester, and the previous CO grade(s) will remain. This grade may be assigned only in courses approved for such grading.

Grade of incomplete (I)

If because of circumstances beyond their control, students are unable to meet all the requirements of a course by the end of a semester, the mark of incomplete may be given. The awarding of a mark of I requires an understanding between instructor and student as to when and how the course will be completed. This understanding must be recorded on an incomplete grade assignment form that is submitted instead of a final course grade. The maximum time limit for submission of all course work necessary for removal of an incomplete is the end of the last day of classes of the next semester following the semester in which the incomplete was incurred (i.e., an incomplete awarded in the fall semester must be converted by the last day of classes in the spring semester, and an incomplete awarded in the spring or summer session must be converted by the last day of classes in the fall semester). At that time, an unremoved grade of incomplete is changed automatically to a failing grade. Individual departments and schools may have more stringent time limits. An extension of the time limit is possible, but must be approved, prior to the expiration date stated above, by the instructor and the dean of the school through which the course is offered. Written approval indicating the new time limit must be filed with the dean.

Grade of pass (P)

This grade is awarded for certain courses to denote satisfactory completion of requirements. Courses assigned the grade of P will not be computed in the GPA.

Grade of progress (PR)

The mark of PR may be assigned only in courses approved for such grading. Unlike the mark of I, PR will not automatically be changed to a failing grade at the end of the succeeding semester.

Grades of satisfactory (S), unsatisfactory (U) or fail (F) in research, thesis and dissertation courses

All research, thesis, and dissertation credits taken as part of the final project (thesis/dissertation/project) for awarding a graduate degree are to be graded each semester as S, U or F.

There is no limit to the number of these credits a student may take while pursuing completion of the degree as long as the student receives a grade of S for each credit. An individual department may terminate a student who does not progress satisfactorily as indicated by a U grade in research, thesis/dissertation/project course work. A student who receives a final grade of F in the thesis or dissertation will be terminated from the graduate program.

Grade of withdrawn (W)

The grade of W indicates that the student has officially withdrawn from a course or has been administratively withdrawn for nonattendance. No student who has officially withdrawn from a course or who has been administratively withdrawn for nonattendance may attend subsequent meetings of the course.