Students who enroll:

  • Are responsible for full payment of tuition and fees generated from their registration.
  • Are responsible for full payment of all room, board and other applicable miscellaneous charges.
  • Are responsible for keeping a current mailing address on file with Enrollment Services. Refunds and tax forms are not issued to students with inactive mailing addresses.
  • Are responsible for establishing an official VCU e-mail address and reading their e-mail on a regular basis, since e-mail will be used to notify students when their invoices are available in the payment and billing site. Paper bills are not sent to enrolled students. Failure to acknowledge and review the electronic invoice does not relieve responsibility for timely payments. Other important notifications are also sent to the official VCU e-mail address.

Tuition and fees are categorized and described on the Student Accounting website.

The university reserves the right to revise or alter all fees, regulations pertaining to student fees and fee collection procedures at any time.