All applicants to the VCU School of Medicine who receive an acceptance will have a criminal background check performed by Certiphi Screening Inc. If there is a positive finding you will be notified by Certiphi first; this will allow you to make corrections to the report and verify the information. If there is no change in your status Certiphi will then notify VCU of their positive findings. VCU’s Criminal Background Committee will meet to discuss your Certiphi report to determine if acceptance is to be withdrawn. We encourage full disclosure at all times on the AMCAS and supplemental applications, as dishonesty will impact the committee’s decision. If you have a legal finding or institutional action against you after the supplemental is submitted please notify our admissions office immediately. Once an applicant is matriculated, full disclosure is also required throughout your time in medical school. Criminal background checks are repeated for all students at the end of the second year and for specific program participations throughout medical school.