HIST 102. Survey of European History. 3 Hours.

Semester courses; 3 lecture hours. 3, 3 credits. A survey of European civilization from the ancient world to the present, emphasizing the events, ideas and institutions that have shaped, influenced and defined Europe's place in the world. First semester: to 16th century. Second semester: 16th century to the present.

Core curriculum


...250 Reading Film 3 HIST 201 The Art...3 ECON 101/INTL 102 Introduction to Political...

Undergraduate information


...3 ECON 101/INTL 102 Introduction to Political...215 Reading Literature 3 HIST 201 The Art...

Social Work, Bachelor of (B.S.W.)


...342 , HIST 307 , HIST 336 , HIST 365 , HIST...language must complete the 102 level in the...