UNIV 103. Education and Career Planning. 1-3 Hours.

Semester course; 1-3 lecture hours. 1-3 credits. May be repeated for a total of 3 credits. An education- and career-planning course focusing on the process of researching and selecting a major. Through course work, research, guest speakers and informational interviewing, students will discover various educational and career options. Topics will include interest, abilities and work-values assessments, decision-making models and career development theories. One- and two-credit versions of the course are offered with correspondingly reduced meeting schedules.

Core curriculum


...take UNIV 111 , UNIV 112 and UNIV 200...approved list: ANTH/INTL 103 Introduction to Anthropology...

Theatre, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


...Fall semester Hours THEA 103 Stagecraft 3 THEA...Introduction to Drama 3 UNIV 111 Play course...

Social Work, Bachelor of (B.S.W.)


...the UNIV 111 , UNIV 112 and UNIV 200...courses (38 credits): ANTH 103 Introduction to Anthropology...

Undeclared students


...addition, each semester the Discovery Program offers UNIV 103 Education and Career Planning , a class...

Pre-health major in nursing


...nursing are: UNIV 111 and UNIV 112 , introduction...second laboratory sciences: BIOL 103 ; BIOL 151 and...