The minor in medical humanities consists of 18 credits in courses that address the non-scientific aspects of professional health care training. To complete the minor, students must complete each of the following courses:

ARTH   361The Human Condition: An Arts Perspective3
PHIL   213Ethics and Health Care3
SCTS 301/ENGL   369Illness Narratives3
Core I: History of science, technology and medicine
Select one of the following:3
History in Film: ____ (science film topics only)
Revolutions in Science I
Revolutions in Science II
Genetics and Society: 1865 to the Present
History of Medicine and Public Health: ____
Introduction to Science and Technology Studies
Core II: Cross-cultural and diversity perspectives that impact health care
Select one of the following:3
Global Women's Health
African American Health: Health Disparities
Human Evolution
Topics in Anthropology (medical anthropology topic only)
Women Writers
Lesbian Texts/Queer Theories
Women's Health Care Across the Life Span
RELS   368
Human Rights and Literature
Core III: Psych-social dimensions of healing and caregiving
Select one of the following:3
Health Care Organization and Services
Life Span Developmental Psychology
Stress and its Management
Health Psychology
Gender in Society
Medical Sociology
Total Hours18