The mission of the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy is to achieve excellence in professional and graduate programs through innovative education and leading-edge research. The school will graduate outstanding future pharmacists and scientists who will improve human health, foster exemplary research and provide sustaining contributions to interprofessional patient care. 


The Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy will be a transformational leader in pharmacy education, clinical practice and clinical and pharmaceutical research.

Core values

Core values express deeply held beliefs and form the foundation on which we conduct ourselves. In an everchanging world, core values are constant. The students, faculty and staff at the School of Pharmacy embrace a set of core values that creates a culture conducive to producing an optimal learning and work environment.    


  1. Are innovative and open-minded
    We embrace innovation and are open to change and diversity of ideas.
  2. Embrace change that drives excellence
    We maintain a willingness to change to further the mission and vision of the school.
  3. Pursue growth and personal development
    We pursue professional and personal growth and development to drive excellence.
  4. Demonstrate integrity and respect
    We demonstrate moral and ethical principles, personal responsibility and respect for others.
  5. Foster collaboration
    We embrace interprofessional and interdisciplinary collaboration in patient care, teaching, learning and research.
  6. Seek value-added solutions
    Faculty and staff enhance their service by taking extra steps necessary to fully contribute to the school’s mission.
  7. Encourage commitment
    We believe that all faculty, staff and students must strive to achieve the school’s mission.
  8. Express gratitude
    We embrace innovation and are open to change and diversity of ideas.