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VCU LEAD is a living-learning program dedicated to the development of current and future leaders through academic course work and cocurricular activities. The vision of VCU LEAD is to cultivate world-class innovative leaders who transform lives and impact communities.

Certificate of completion

Students who are accepted into VCU LEAD will develop their leadership skills and knowledge over the course of the two-year program through a prescribed balance of activities and experiences. Students fulfilling the following requirements will be recognized by receiving a Certificate of Completion in Leadership Studies.

  • Reside in the Grace and Broad Residence Center for all years of the program
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA while enrolled in VCU LEAD
  • Complete UNIV 200 with a minimum grade of C
  • Achieve a minimum 2.5 GPA in required leadership studies courses (LDRS 201LDRS 202LDRS 301LDRS 302 and UNIV 270)
  • Demonstrate experience in organizational leadership through engagement in VCU student organizations, student life programs and/or community agencies
  • Complete at least 40 leadership hours and 40 hours of service in the community over their two years in the program
  • Submit a leadership e-portfolio

The certificate of completion includes an academic component consisting of 10 credit hours of course work to be completed during the two-year VCU LEAD program. 

Year one
Fall semesterHours
LDRS 201 Leadership Identity 1
UNIV 200 Inquiry and the Craft of Argument 3
 Term Hours: 4
Spring semester
LDRS 202 Leadership Context 1
UNIV 270 Introduction to Leadership Studies 3
 Term Hours: 4
Year two
Fall semester
LDRS 301 Leadership Engagement 1
 Term Hours: 1
Spring semester
LDRS 302 Culminating Leadership Seminar 1
 Term Hours: 1
 Total Hours: 10

Application process

Students of all majors with an interest in leadership are sought for admission to the VCU LEAD living-learning program. Full-time students may apply for admission to VCU LEAD during the fall semester of their freshman or sophomore years. Seniors who have two more years of undergraduate studies may petition the director for admission to the program. In addition to completing the admission application for VCU LEAD, students must complete a housing contract to reside in VCU LEAD for two consecutive years.

Successful applicants will demonstrate leadership potential and a commitment to personal and professional growth. The admissions committee will consider the thoroughness and merit of responses to application questions as well as the level of commitment exhibited in the application to actively engage in curricular, cocurricular and residential program elements for the two-year program.

Certificate completion process

All VCU LEAD scholars must complete the curricular, cocurricular and residential requirements for the Certificate of Completion in Leadership Studies on schedule in the intended progression. Students who fail to satisfy the program requirements, including living in VCU LEAD housing, will be removed from the program. Students failing to meet program requirements also may be removed from VCU LEAD housing and relocated to another residence hall. Students are expected to uphold VCU, VCU LEAD and community partner expectations for personal and professional conduct at all times. Any behavior that violates standards of conduct may result in removal from the program and VCU LEAD.

Students who complete all of the above listed requirements will be awarded the Certificate of Completion in Leadership Studies. Program staff members monitor student progress for all VCU LEAD scholars. However, it is the responsibility of each student to monitor their own program of study and seek assistance when needed. A program adviser is available to all students. Regular communication with the program leadership is critical to the successful completion of all program requirements.