General education requirements

The general education program for VCU Life Sciences is designed to further the university’s commitment to a core academic experience common to all of its students while providing a solid foundation for those students seeking a 21st-century life sciences education. This general education program meets the goals and competencies of the VCU Core Curriculum, actively engaging students in a learning-centered program that helps them to make better sense of their learning by providing a core of shared academic experiences. The Core Curriculum provides students with opportunities to improve oral and written communication skills, to develop critical-thinking abilities, to experience working on collaborative projects, to attain information fluency, to achieve quantitative literacy and to understand ethical perspectives and civic responsibilities in the 21st century. Moreover, the VCU Life Sciences general education program enhances the university Core Curriculum with courses that provide the competencies necessary for a future in the dynamic and global fields of the life sciences.

The VCU Life Sciences general education program totals 24 to 36 credit hours within the following major divisions:

Course Title Hours
Foundational courses
UNIV 111 Play VideoPlay course video for Focused Inquiry IFocused Inquiry I3
UNIV 112 Play VideoPlay course video for Focused Inquiry IIFocused Inquiry II3
Approved research and academic writing course (university core)3
Quantitative literacy
The following may be completed by credit or placement:0-4
Precalculus Mathematics
STAT 210Basic Practice of Statistics3
or STAT 212 Concepts of Statistics
Core competency courses
Select one course from each of the following categories of university-approved core courses (see university core lists):9
Humanities/fine arts
Social/behavioral sciences
Natural/physical sciences
Global literacy0-8
Completion of a foreign language through the 102 level or an equivalent course or by placement
Capstone experience3
An approved course integrating the core curriculum program with the student’s major
Total Hours24-36