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P. Srirama Rao​, Ph.D.
Vice president for research and innovation

The mission of the Virginia Commonwealth University Office of Research and Innovation is to create an environment that enables university investigators to: 1) effectively compete for research funding, 2) responsibly conduct research in compliance with mandated policies and 3) broadly disseminate knowledge gained and discoveries made.

Research universities provide the nexus of discovery, education and service. The research process evolves into scholarly publication, enlightening histories, interpretative arts, lifesaving drugs and remarkable innovations ranging from nanotechnology to macroeconomics. Each day VCU researchers make progress toward improving quality of life and understanding of the world around us.

Research at VCU provides an incubator for training new scholars and a new generation of students who understand where and how knowledge is formed. No matter their chosen career, all researchers benefit from the curiosity instilled and the recognition that learning is a lifelong process.

The research enterprise at VCU has made substantial forward steps in recent years, doubling the sponsored award base, renovating laboratories, rebuilding the research subjects’ protection program and investing in state-of-the-art animal care equipment and facilities.

The VCU Office of Research ad Innovation seeks to partner with faculty in all schools and departments as they seek funding, plan studies, establish collaborations, calculate budgets, submit grant applications, negotiate industry contracts and secure patents and licensing agreements. Skilled staff within each of the major divisions — sponsored programs administration, research subjects protection, animal research, technology transfer, industry partnerships, and education and oversight — look forward to helping VCU faculty in all realms of the research process.

Affiliated research institutes include the Center for Clinical and Translational Research (and its Research Incubator), the Institute for Drug and Alcohol Studies, the Philips Institute for Oral Health Research, the Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics, the Institute for Structural Biology and Drug Discovery and the Institute for Women’s Health.