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Note: Admission to this program is temporarily suspended.

The minor in medical humanities consists of 18 credits in courses that address the nonscientific aspects of professional health care training. To achieve the minor, students must complete each of the following courses:

Course Title Hours
ARTH 361The Human Condition: An Arts Perspective3
PHIL 213Ethics and Health Care3
SCTS 301/ENGL 369Illness Narratives3
Core I: History of science, technology and medicine
Select one of the following:3
History in Film: ____ (science film topics only)
Revolutions in Science I
Revolutions in Science II
Genetics and Society: 1865 to the Present
History of Medicine and Public Health: ____
Introduction to Science and Technology Studies
Core II: Cross-cultural and diversity perspectives that impact health care
Select one of the following:3
Gender and Global Health
Black Health Matters: Social Determinants of Health in the African American Community
Human Evolution
Topics in Anthropology (medical anthropology topic only)
Women Writers
Queer Literature: ____
Women's Health Care Across the Life Span
Human Rights and Literature
Core III: Psych-social dimensions of healing and caregiving
Select one of the following:3
Health Care Organization and Services
Life Span Developmental Psychology
Stress and its Management
Health Psychology
Gender in Society
Total Hours18