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The minor in aerospace engineering comprises 18 credits. Note that MATH 201, PHYS 207 and EGMN 102 serve as  prerequisites for EGMN 201 and/or EGMN 202. EGMN 204 is a prerequisite for EGMN 301. Students must receive credit for required prerequisite credits or permission from the instructor prior to enrolling in the minor courses listed below.

EGRB 310 with a minimum grade of C is an approved substitute for EGMN 202EGRB 303 with a minimum grade of C is an approved substitute for EGMN 301. Together, CLSE 301 and CLSE 302 are also an approved substitute for EGMN 301, provided that students earn a minimum grade of C in both courses. O ther substitutions and electives can be approved by the department chair. 

All courses required for the minor must be completed with a minimum grade of C. 

Course Title Hours
Required courses12
Dynamics and Kinematics
Mechanics of Deformables
Fluid Mechanics
Aircraft Flight and Design
Select two courses from:
Aerospace Propulsion
Aerospace Structures
Aerospace Materials
Total Hours18