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A minor in homeland security and emergency preparedness consists of 18 credits. Students are required to take the following:

Course Title Hours
HSEP 101Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness3
HSEP 301/POLI 367Terrorism3
HSEP 302Emergency Planning and Incident Management3
HSEP 330Legal and Constitutional Issues in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness3
Select one the following:3
Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
Strategic Planning for Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
The Intelligence Community and the Intelligence Process
Select three additional elective credits from the HSEP electives list below in consultation with an adviser 13
Total Hours18

Students also may choose these credits from whichever HSEP core courses they have not already taken. 

Approved homeland security and emergency preparedness electives

Course Title Hours
CRJS 300Forensic Criminology3
CRJS 320Principles of Criminal Investigation3
CRJS 370Criminalistics and Crime Analysis3
CRJS 373Crime Scene Evidence: Law and Trial Procedure3
CRJS 463Comparative Criminal Justice Systems3
CRJS 475Criminal Procedure3
FIRE 306Regulatory Aspects of Safety and Risk Control3
FIRE 307System Safety3
FIRE 308Incident Investigation and Analysis3
FIRE 309Risk and Insurance3
FIRE 359Issues in Risk Management and Insurance3
GVPA 493Government and Public Affairs Internship1-6
HSEP 391Topics in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness3
HSEP 491Advanced Topics in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness3
HSEP 492Independent Study1-4
POLI 310Public Policy3
POLI 322State and Local Government and Politics3
POLI 329Intergovernmental Relations3
POLI/INTL 351Governments and Politics of the Middle East3
POLI/INTL 353Latin American Governments and Politics3
POLI/INTL 362International Organizations and Institutions3
POLI/INTL 363U.S. Foreign Policy3
URSP 310Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning3
URSP/ENVS 332Environmental Management3
URSP 413Policy Implementation3
URSP/ENVS 521Introduction to Geographic Information Systems3