Any VCU student may declare a minor in music with approval from the Department of Music. The music minor comprises 18 credits distributed among the areas of music history/theory, ensemble performance and applied lessons. The minor in music is fulfilled by a minimum of two semesters of study each of APPL 200 and two semesters of APPM 300-level ensemble courses toward the total 18 credits. In addition, the completed minor must contain a minimum of nine credits of music course work at the 300 or 400 level. A music faculty adviser counsels each student about the selection of appropriate courses based on the student’s competence and interest. Depending on audition results and course prerequisites, students may select from the following courses to meet their minor requirements:

Music history and theory
Introduction to Writing Music
Elements of Music
Introduction to World Musical Styles
Theory and Aural Skills I
Theory and Aural Skills II
Music Appreciation
Experiencing Music
Introduction to African-American Music
Topics in Music
Music History I
Music History II
Jazz History
Survey of the Music Industry
Chamber Music Literature Through 1800
Chamber Music Literature Since 1800
The History of the Symphony
Tone Poems and Concert Overtures
History of American Musical Theatre
Opera History
Topics in Music
Applied lessons 1
Applied Lessons (1 credit/half hour lessons - audition may be required)
Applied music 2
Symphonic Wind Ensemble
University Band
Commonwealth Singers
Choral Arts Society
Jazz Orchestra
Small Jazz Ensemble
Accompanying: Piano
Flute Choir
Guitar Ensemble
Piano Ensemble
Woodwind Ensemble
Percussion Ensemble
String Chamber Music
Brass Ensemble
Vocal Chamber Ensemble
Women’s Choir

One credit per half-hour lesson – audition may be required. 


One credit each – audition may be required.

A 2.0 GPA is required among courses applied toward the minor. A minimum total of 18 credits is required.