University Academic Advising provides academic advising for all first-year students, regardless of their majors. All incoming students are assigned to a specific academic adviser who works closely with them throughout their first year. Advising takes place in group settings through the UNIV 101 Introduction to the University class and through individual appointments. Students can expect their advisers to help them to understand university procedures, interpret general education and major requirements, address academic difficulties and help discover the educational and career goals best suited to them.

Academic advising is an ongoing process. Advisers want to have continuing relationships with their advisees. While first-year students are required to meet with their assigned advisers before registering for classes each semester, it is also important for students to meet with advisers throughout the first year. Students can e-mail advisers to seek help and attend group advising sessions. After students attain sophomore standing or are admitted into their programs of study, they will be reassigned to faculty advisers within their majors.

While students are ultimately responsible for understanding information about regulations, majors and courses as outlined in the Undergraduate Bulletin, academic advisers can help students interpret information to ensure they make appropriate educational choices.

For more information on advising programs, visit the UAA website or call (804) 827-8648.