This is the preliminary (or launch) version of the 2024-2025 VCU Bulletin. We may add courses that expose our students to cutting-edge content and transformative learning. We may also add content to the general education program that focuses on racial literacy and a racial literacy graduation requirement, and may receive notification of additional program approvals after the launch. The final edition and full PDF version will include these updates and will be available in August prior to the beginning of the fall semester.

The school offers a variety of educational opportunities. Students may pursue three undergraduate programs and an additional three minors. Graduate programs provide options for full-time students and for practicing professionals interested in enhancing their skills or engaging in graduate-level work on a part-time basis. Current graduate offerings include nationally recognized master’s programs and eight graduate-level certificates, as well as a doctoral degree program. Wilder School programs include:

Baccalaureate degrees

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Studies


Criminal justice
Homeland security and emergency preparedness
Urban and regional studies

Graduate certificates

Certificate in Criminal Justice
Certificate in Gender Violence Intervention
Certificate in Geographic Information Systems
Certificate in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
Certificate in Nonprofit Management
Certificate in Public Management
Certificate in Sustainability Planning
Certificate in Urban Revitalization

Master’s degrees

Master of Arts in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
Master of Public Administration
Master of Science in Criminal Justice
Master of Urban and Regional Planning

Doctoral degree

Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration

The school also offers two dual degree programs with the University of Richmond’s T.C. Williams Law School. Through these programs students can simultaneously obtain a law degree (J.D.) and either the Master of Public Administration or the Master of Urban and Regional Planning.