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The military science curriculum teaches the principles of management and leadership as a foundation for civilian and military careers. Graduates of this program are eligible for appointments as commissioned officers in the U.S. Army, the U.S. Army Reserve or Army National Guard.

For more information on participating in ROTC or on scholarship opportunities, please contact or call (804) 828-7682.


Army ROTC offers students several opportunities for scholarships worth more than $29,000 at VCU. High school students and students on campus may apply for a four-year scholarship. Two-year scholarships also are available to on-campus students. All scholarships cover VCU tuition, most books, laboratory fees and provide between $300 to $500 a month during the school year for living expenses.

The four-year program

The traditional four-year program is divided into two parts.

Basic course

Normally freshman and sophomore years, which cover military history, traditions, organizations and national defense. The emphasis in the course is on leadership development and general life skills. There is no commitment to the U.S. Army, unless the student is on a ROTC scholarship.

Advanced course

Departmental approval is required to enter junior- and senior-level classes. They cover instruction and practice in management, tactics, ethics, professionalism and continued leadership development.

All ROTC uniforms and materials are furnished at no cost. Students selected for advanced classes receive $450 or $500 a month during the school year.

During the summer between the junior and senior years, students will attend a four-week course, Leadership Development and Assessment Camp. LDAC provides hands-on experience and evaluations for students at Fort Lewis, Wash.

The two-year program

Students who have not taken any of the basic classes are still eligible for a commission through the two-year program.

In this program, student attend the Leader’s Training Course at Fort Knox, Ky., for four weeks during the summer. Upon completion of LTC, students are eligible for the advanced courses in their junior and senior years.

Simultaneous membership program

This program allows students to become members of the Army National Guard or the Army Reserve while enrolled in Army ROTC.

Advanced ROTC SMP students are paid for their guard/reserve training plus they receive a monthly ROTC allowance of $400, $450 or $500 for up to three years.

ROTC for veterans

If students are veterans, military experience can fulfill the basic course requirements. Some veterans may enroll directly into advanced courses. In addition to any financial assistance received from ROTC, veterans still are qualified to receive any and all VEAP/GI Bill®/Army College Fund benefits to which they are entitled.