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Tracey Dawson Green, Ph.D.
Professor and chair

Eric Hazelrigg
Associate professor and associate chair

Stephanie Barnhouse Walcott
Undergraduate program director

Sarah Williams, Ph.D.
Associate professor and graduate program director

The Department of Forensic Science offers programs leading to bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

The Bachelor of Science is for students who plan a career or graduate study in the forensic sciences. The forensic science program provides students with fundamental learning in forensic laboratory analyses and crime scene investigation, with academic emphasis in biology, chemistry and criminal justice. The program offers three concentrations: forensic biology, forensic chemistry and physical evidence. Students will select one of the three concentrations prior to the second semester of their sophomore year. The B.S. in Forensic Science supplies students with the necessary skills for professional careers in forensic laboratories, public and private, basic research laboratories, clinical laboratories, and/or to pursue graduate studies. Students also will be prepared to pursue advanced degrees in the physical sciences, biological sciences, forensic science, law, allied health and medicine, to name a few.

The Master of Science in Forensic Science prepares students for careers as forensic scientists in government and private laboratories. Students receive in-depth exposure to specializations within the field, including drug analysis, DNA analysis, trace evidence, criminalistics and legal issues.

For more information visit the departmental website.

Students who complete the requirements for any of these concentrations will receive a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science.