Office of Admissions
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Sybil Halloran, Ph.D., senior associate vice president for strategic enrollment management

VCU Welcome Center
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Office of Records and Registration
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Bernard Hamm, university registrar

General policy governing admission and enrollment

As a comprehensive, metropolitan, public institution, Virginia Commonwealth University seeks to provide excellent higher education for those who will profit from an intellectually challenging experience. The university encourages applications from people who are sincere in their desire to study in an environment where excellence in teaching, research, scholarly activities and community services is stressed. 

Recognizing the value of a diverse student body, the university invites applications from all qualified persons without regard to age, race, color, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, veteran’s status, political affiliation or disability. Although the university has a primary responsibility to educate Virginia residents, the value and contribution of a diverse student body is recognized and the enrollment of students from other states and countries is encouraged. Entrance requirements are in full compliance with all applicable federal and state statutes, rules and regulations.

All people admitted to and enrolled in the university are classified as either degree-seeking or nondegree-seeking students. Degree-seeking students are presumed to be working toward a degree in approved educational programs, while nondegree-seeking students are permitted to enroll in classes on a semester basis. Recognizing a commitment to educate students who wish to take courses primarily for self improvement or to continue lifelong education, the university also encourages the enrollment of nondegree-seeking students. The university enrolls as many qualified degree-seeking and nondegree-seeking students as resources permit. When resources are limited, spaces go to those who present credentials showing the greatest potential for academic success in degree programs.

The Board of Visitors establishes general admission policies on the recommendation of the university administration. Admission criteria and policies are recommended by the Office of Admissions as well as the deans of the schools and colleges of the university on the advice of their faculties. Entrance requirements for schools and the colleges within the university may differ. Various departments may have unique admission requirements, such as examinations, auditions, portfolios, interviews, licensure or language proficiency, in order to evaluate a student’s potential for success in selected programs and courses. The university selects applicants who present the strongest qualifications in scholastic achievement and potential, standardized examinations, and through the holistic review of other evidence of potential including strength of character. Each applicant is reviewed on an individual basis.