This is the preliminary (or launch) version of the 2024-2025 VCU Bulletin. Courses that expose students to cutting-edge content and transformative learning may be added and notification of additional program approvals may be received prior to finalization. General education program content is also subject to change. The final edition and full PDF version will include these updates and will be available in August prior to the beginning of the fall semester.

The credentials of undergraduate applicants for admission to degree status are reviewed on an individual and holistic basis. Candidates for admission to VCU are reviewed based on their academic merit; leadership, community service and talent (when applicable) also may be considered. First-time freshman applicants should review the freshman admission guidelines below. Transfer applicants should review the transfer applicant guidelines in this bulletin. Applicants interested in enrolling as nondegree-seeking students should read the nondegree-seeking student guidelines in this bulletin.  

Freshman undergraduate admission guidelines

An applicant for degree status must be a graduate of an accredited secondary school (or its equivalent) or hold a GED or have taken a State Department of Education approved High School Equivalency examination. A high school student should submit an application for admission after completion of the junior year, unless applying for the early admission or advanced scholar programs, in which case the application should be submitted after the sophomore year.

Test scores

Test optional review

All freshman applicants are eligible for test score optional review, regardless of GPA; however, some situations exist where submission of test scores is not optional. 

Exceptions to test optional review

Application to the Guaranteed Admission Programs in the Honors College requires submission of official SAT or ACT scores. Students interested in applying to a Guaranteed Admission Program who are unable to test may contact for additional options in a holistic review without test scores.

For more information

Additional information on optional and required test scores for freshmen is available on the Office of Admissions website. As always, the university will select applicants who present the strongest qualifications in scholastic achievement and potential, and through a holistic review of other evidence of potential including the strength of character. Each applicant will be reviewed on an individual basis.


The college preparatory curriculum is highly preferred, and a minimum of 20 units is required for admission to all programs on the Monroe Park Campus, with the following minimum distribution of subjects: four units in English; three units in mathematics, one of which must be algebra I and one of which must be geometry or algebra II; three units in science, one of which must be a laboratory science; and three units of history or social sciences or government. Students are encouraged to present at least three units in a modern or ancient language or two units of two foreign languages.

In addition, preference is given to candidates who submit the Advanced Studies diploma or its equivalent. Information about the Advanced Studies diploma can be found on the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia website.

Pre-health majors and advising tracks

Freshman applicants planning to pursue postgraduate studies in the health professions (dentistry, medicine, occupational therapy, pharmacy and physical therapy) are advised to choose a pre-health advising track in addition to their academic major. For more information about professional health advising tracks and majors, please see the Academic advising section. 

The Honors College offers qualified students interested in health science the opportunity for early acceptance into many of the MCV Campus programs. See the Honors College website for details.

Nondegree-seeking student guidelines

Freshman applicants who are not admitted with degree status may be eligible to enroll at VCU as nondegree-seeking students provided one year has elapsed since their actual or intended high school graduation date. Eligibility guidelines for nondegree-seeking students may be found in this bulletin.

Transfer applicant admission guidelines

The university undergraduate transfer policy and the state policy on transfer agreement may be found in the admission guidelines for transfer students section of this bulletin.

School of the Arts freshman admission guidelines

Students applying to the School of the Arts must submit the standard university undergraduate application in addition to supplemental materials. The School of the Arts faculty reviews all applications to programs in the School of the Arts. All visual arts and design applicants and all technical theatre applicants are required to submit a visual portfolio with their application. All performing arts applicants are required to visit VCU for an audition and/or interview. Applicants to the cinema and art history programs also must submit writing samples. For additional supplemental requirements and online application materials, visit the School of the Arts website.