The Code of Virginia and VCU require that all full-time students submit validated immunization records to University Student Health Services. This requirement must be completed prior to registering for a second full-time semester. Failure to meet immunization requirements will result in a hold placed on the student’s second-semester registration. The hold can be removed only upon receipt of the student’s documented records.

Acceptable records include the VCU Certificate of Immunization (Monroe Park Campus), the VCU Health Sciences Certificate of Immunization (only students from the College of Health Professions and the schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy) or an immunization record from the student’s doctor’s office, high school, local health department, previous university/college or the U.S. military.

Students who cannot provide documented evidence of all required immunizations must see their health care provider, health department or USHS to complete all requirements.

Students are encouraged to use the online system to submit immunization records. Students should complete an electronic Certificate of Immunization and upload supporting documentation through the USHS web portal. See the USHS website for more information.