Application forms and instructions for applying to all graduate programs are available on the VCU Office of Admissions’ Graduate Admissions website at International applicants should access materials at

  1. The purpose of admission requirements and procedures is to ensure selection of competent students whose motivation, ability, education and character qualify them for graduate study in preparation for a career in science.
  2. The following credentials constitute an application and should be sent to the VCU Office of Admissions as described on the Graduate Admissions website.
    1. Application for admission including the Application for Virginia in-state tuition
    2. Payment for the application fee
    3. Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work sent directly from college or university registrars to the Graduate School
    4. Letters of recommendation from three present or former teachers or others the applicant believes to be qualified to evaluate fitness to engage in graduate study for the degree in the field of choice
    5. A personal statement from the applicant summarizing motivation, education and aims in pursuing graduate study
    6. Verbal, quantitative and analytical portions of the Graduate Record Examination (required) (Medical College Admission Test or Dental Aptitude Test may be acceptable in lieu of the GRE for selected programs.)
    7. Transcripts from all institutions of higher learning attended
    8. Program expectations for performance on the Test of English as a Foreign Language or IELTS examination for international applicants for whom English is not the native language (Please note that required academic record documents submitted in the native language must be accompanied by an official English translation. Please see the Admissions website for detailed information.)
  3. Acceptance of an applicant is based upon the recommendation of the director of graduate programs of the relevant program.

While most students matriculate in the fall semester, arrangements may be made to initiate graduate work at other times during the academic year.