The assembled directors of graduate programs and the associate dean for graduate education form the MCV Campus graduate committee, with the associate dean serving as chair of the committee. This committee holds the responsibility for ensuring appropriate administration of graduate programs, reviewing modifications of didactic courses, new course offerings and new programs, reviewing proposed modifications of program curricula to ensure maintenance of standards of quality, avoid duplication and comply with the missions of the school, and for recommending action to the dean. The committee members provide the pool of candidates from which the school representatives to the University Graduate Council are chosen.

The School of Medicine follows the policies of the Graduate School with regard to the modification of existing courses, curricula and programs as well as the introduction of new offerings. Proposals will normally come from the faculty acting through departmental bodies charged with the responsibility of monitoring academic training. In the case of offerings in interdisciplinary areas, these will normally require the input and approval of departments whose faculty and students are participants. The associate dean for graduate education in the School of Medicine may assist in the coordination of the proposal process. Proposed changes and additions are, under university guidelines, subject to review by the curriculum committee of the school. The MCV Campus graduate committee serves as the curriculum committee for the School of Medicine. On approval by the MCV Campus graduate committee, the approval of the dean of the School of Medicine is required prior to submission to University Graduate Council for review.

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