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The Virginia Center on Aging, established at VCU by the Virginia General Assembly in 1978, is a statewide resource for aging-related research, education, service, training and technical assistance. It serves as a focal point for the collection, assessment and maintenance of data on elders in the commonwealth; designs and tests innovative demonstration projects in education and service delivery; and assists public and private organizations in meeting the needs of older citizens.

The Virginia Center on Aging and the Department of Gerontology maintain the Information Resources Center, a broad collection of print and audiovisual materials on aging that is available on loan. Short reports and training manuals may be obtained at cost. The Virginia Center on Aging also administers the Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases Research Award Fund that provides seed grants of $25,000 each to researchers in Virginia in order to investigate biomedical, psychosocial, clinical, public policy and other aspects of dementing illness.

The Virginia Center on Aging regularly partners with other units of VCU in developing, conducting and evaluating research and training projects related to aging, disabilities, lifelong learning and health problems. The center is located in the Theater Row building at 730 E. Broad St.