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The certificate in advanced media production technology is a 24-credit post-baccalaureate undergraduate certificate program available to students pursuing the study of advanced digital media and post-production techniques. The certificate is designed to blend creative skills with the technical expertise required to compete for employment in the field of digital media. Students in the program are encouraged to approach the development of digital media with a cross-disciplinary, entrepreneurial spirit and to apply information and communications technology in novel ways. Students who receive a certificate through this program equip themselves for many opportunities in the professional digital media community of both production and post-production providers.

Special requirements

Students must possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited academic institution and apply through the School of the Arts for admission. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for graduation.

Learning outcomes

Upon completing this program, students will know and know how to do the following:

  1. Evaluate and determine production goals for digital media
  2. Create and produce professional-level digital media
  3. Demonstrate broad-based knowledge in the components of audio production
  4. Demonstrate broad-based knowledge in the core components of post-production
  5. Work in professional post-production business and virtual production environments

Degree requirements for Advanced Media Production Technology, Certificate in (Post-baccalaureate undergraduate certificate)

Course Title Hours
AMPT 401Listen and Capture3
AMPT 402Editorial Storytelling3
AMPT 403Emerging Digital Cinema3
AMPT 404Concept Development3
Area of emphasis (select one)3
Sound Manipulation
Finishing the Story
Mastering Digital Cinema
Electives (select three) 19
Gaming Technologies
Motion Graphics
Music Production Techniques
Light and Image
Foley and Sound Design
Total Hours24

Additional electives may be available, please consult adviser for options.

The minimum total of credit hours required for this certificate is 24.

Sample plan of study 

Fall semesterHours
AMPT 401 Listen and Capture 3
AMPT 402 Editorial Storytelling 3
AMPT 403 Emerging Digital Cinema 3
AMPT 404 Concept Development 3
 Term Hours: 12
Spring semester
AMPT 495
Sound Manipulation
or Finishing the Story
or Mastering Digital Cinema
AMPT electives 9
 Term Hours: 12
 Total Hours: 24

The minimum total of credit hours required for this certificate is 24.

Students who complete the requirements for this program will receive a Certificate in Advanced Media Production Technology.