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The Department of Painting and Printmaking offers an undergraduate program that earns a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Printmaking, as well as a graduate program of study that leads to the Master of Fine Arts in Fine Arts. Students admitted to the programs are expected to have a high level of competence in either painting or printmaking. The graduate program is designed to encourage the development of professional attitudes and skills, with an emphasis on individual investigation.

The department is housed in the Fine Arts Building with 12 individual graduate studios plus a large graduate printmaking area in addition to four state-of-the-art printmaking studios: etching, lithography, screen printing and digital print media. These facilities provide an excellent physical environment for the programs with easy access to the other fine art areas of sculpture and crafts. Established in 1928, the Department of Painting and Printmaking was the first department in what has become the School of the Arts. For nearly 70 years, the department has made significant contributions to the development of the School of the Arts’ reputation as one of the premier art schools in the country.

The department supports an active and ambitious program of visiting artists and lecturers. Leading figures in the world of contemporary art visit to discuss their work, visit studios, conduct workshops, engage in critique and meet with students throughout the year.

The Master of Fine Arts degree is the terminal degree in the studio areas of fine arts and is a requirement for most college and university teaching positions. Many graduate students have gained teaching experience in the department as part of their assistantship responsibilities, teaching classes in painting, drawing and printmaking. The department assists graduate students financially through a variety of teaching assistantships, graduate assistantships and scholarships.

Students who complete the requirements for this degree will receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Printmaking.