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A minor in real estate requires 18 credits as outlined below.

Course Title Hours
Required courses 19
Principles of Real Estate
Real Estate Appraisal
Real Estate Finance and Capital Markets
Real estate electives 23-9
Choose at least one of the following:
Real Property Management
Real Estate Law
Real Estate Investment Analysis
Free electives 20-6
Choose up to two of the following:
Legal Environment of Business
Principles of Consulting
International Consulting Practicum
Microeconomic Theory
Macroeconomic Theory
Risk Management and Insurance
Financial Management
Financial Modeling
Property and Liability Insurance
Options, Futures and Swaps
Cases in Financial Management
Independent Study in Finance, Insurance and Real Estate
Internship in Finance, Insurance and Real Estate
Managing People in Organizations
Strategic Management
Topics in Management
Marketing Principles
Buyer Behavior
Introduction to Personal Selling
Selling in the Business Marketplace
Business Statistics I
Business Statistics II
Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning
Community and Regional Analysis and GIS
Senior Capstone Seminar in Urban and Regional Studies
Total Hours18

Any co- or prerequisites must also be satisfied. Students must earn a minimum grade of C in the required courses. 


Any co- or prerequisites must also be satisfied.