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The minor in risk management and insurance provides students with the skills necessary for success in risk management as it applies to individuals and enterprises. Careers in the RMI industry include the private sector, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Students gain insights into managing property, liability, life-cycle risks (life, health, disability and pensions), financial risks, and cyber risks. InsurTech, the intersection of insurance and technology, is another dimension of the minor that is taught. 

Finance majors with a concentration in risk management and insurance are not eligible to complete this minor. 

The minor requires a minimum of 18 credits and students must attain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in the courses fulfilling the minor.   

Students should take FIRE 309  first, as it is a prerequisite for the other RMI courses.

Course Title Hours
Required courses
FIRE 309Risk Management and Insurance3
FIRE 369Insurance Company Operations 3
FIRE 429Property and Liability Insurance3
FIRE 439Life and Health Insurance 3
Select two:6
Legal Environment of Business
Principles of Consulting
International Consulting Practicum
Microeconomic Theory
Macroeconomic Theory
Personal Financial Planning
Principles of Real Estate
Financial Management
Financial Modeling
Independent Study in Finance, Insurance and Real Estate
Emergency Planning and Response
Hazard Mitigation and Risk Assessment
Managing People in Organizations
Strategic Management
Marketing Principles
Professional Selling I: The Art of Persuasion
Professional Selling II: Advanced Sales Techniques
Business Statistics I
Business Statistics II
Total Hours18