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The minor in information systems comprises 18 credits. Note that MATH 211 serves as a prerequisite for INFO 350 and INFO 364. INFO 300 also requires pre- or corequisite course work. Students must receive credit for any prerequisite credits prior to enrolling in the minor courses listed below.

Students enrolled in the baccalaureate Certificate in Fundamentals of Computing can substitute CMSC 320 for INFO 361 and CMSC 330 for INFO 320 for the minor requirements, provided that they earn a minimum grade of C in those courses.

Course Title Hours
Required courses
INFO 300Information Technology Infrastructure3
INFO 350Programming3
INFO 360Business Information Systems3
INFO 361Systems Analysis and Design3
INFO 364Database Systems3
Select from the list below.3
Business Intelligence and Data Mining
Fundamentals of Data Communications
Programming for Business Analytics
Advanced Technology for Web Development
Infrastructure Services
Advanced Networking and Security
Information Technology Auditing
Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Business Process Engineering
Information Engineering
Retail Management
Data Management and Visualization
Data Mining and Forecasting
Total Hours18