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The minor in teacher preparation for historians is designed to prepare history majors to meet the application requirements set by the School of Education for the Master of Teaching with a concentration in history/social studies education at VCU. It serves history majors only in this capacity. The minor consists of 21 credits, distributed as follows:

Course Title Hours
Human Development and Learning (required)
African American history3
Americans from Africa 1
Political science: United States (select two)6
U.S. Government and Politics
U.S. Parties and Elections
Politics of the Civil Rights Movement
Public Opinion and Polling
Presidential Primaries
Political Campaigns and Communication
The Congress
Political Behavior
U.S. Presidency
Bureaucratic Politics
Public Policy
Politics of the Environment
Media and Politics
U.S. Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
U.S. Constitutional Law
Courts and Politics
Women and the Law
Politics of Race, Class and Gender
Women and American Politics
Urban Politics
State and Local Government and Politics
Virginia Government and Politics
Intergovernmental Relations
Public Administration
Administrative Law
Secrecy, Surveillance, Spies and Lies
Politics in Film
Classical to Modern Political Theory
Modern to Contemporary Political Theory
Black Political Thought
Contemporary Political Theory
African-American Politics
Black Political Activism
Black Queer Politics
U.S. National Security
Political science: International (select one)3
International Relations
Comparative Politics
Middle Eastern Government and Politics
European Governments and Politics
Latin American Governments and Politics
Russian and Eurasian Government and Politics
Asian Governments and Politics
African Government and Politics
Politics of Southern Africa
Concepts of Comparative Government
China in Transition
Issues in World Politics
International Organizations and Institutions
U.S. Foreign Policy
International Political Economy
Women and Global Politics
Comparative National Security Policy
Human Security
The Politics of Genocide
Politics of Global Health
The Middle East and North Africa in Transition
International Law
International Security
Environmental Security
Politics of the European Union
International Relations Theory
Economics (select one)3
Introduction to Economics
Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Macroeconomics
Geography (select one)3
Any HIST course from HIST 301 through HIST 421 with the "regional geography" attribute
Introduction to Human Geography
Uncovering Richmond
Introduction to the City
World Regions
Economic Geography
History of Human Settlement
The Evolution of American Cities
Urban Life in Modern America
Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean
Geography of Africa
Regional Geography of ____
World Cities Outside of North America
Great Cities of the World
Total Hours21

Also counts toward the six-credit state licensure requirement in geography