A minor in public management is designed for students who wish to prepare for a variety of employment opportunities in government and related fields. It provides an overview of public affairs at the national, state and local levels. Its emphasis is on acquainting students with the political context of public administration, issues of particular importance in the private sector, and the complexity of planning and decision-making. By emphasizing both professional skill and analytical thinking, it offers the possibility to develop valuable workplace skills and analytical capabilities that may qualify graduates for professional opportunities with local, state or federal agencies, and an ultimate career in the public sector. A public management minor also is solid preparation for graduate study in law, public administration, public policy and political science. Students in the minor may arrange an internship to provide experience and practical exposure to public management.

Minor requirements

The minor consists of 18 upper-level credits. All students must take the following courses:

Course Title Hours
POLI 310Public Policy3
POLI 322State and Local Government and Politics3
POLI 331Public Administration3
Select three of the following electives:9
Bureaucratic Politics
Urban Politics
Virginia Government and Politics
Intergovernmental Relations
Contemporary Political Theory
Foundations of Nonprofit Management
Political Science Internship (see adviser)
Total Hours18