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Any VCU student may declare a minor in theatre with approval from the Department of Theatre. The minor consists of 18 credits, with nine of those at the 300 or 400 level. The department chair or associate chair will consult with each student interested in the minor in theatre about the selection of appropriate courses based on the student’s interests and skills. Students may select from the following courses to meet the requirements of the minor. 

Course Title Hours
THEA 107Introduction to Stage Performance3
THEA 110Improvisation3
THEA 112Fundamentals of Theatrical Design3
THEA 210Introduction to Stage Combat3
THEA 215Live Theatre Now3
THEA 227Introduction to Theatrical Makeup3
THEA 307History of the Theatre3
THEA 308History of the Theatre3
THEA 309History of Costumes3
THEA 310History of Costumes3
THEA 316Musical Theatre History 3
THEA 321Costume Design Studio I3
THEA 322Costume Design Studio II3
THEA 329Patternmaking for the Theatre3
THEA 332Draping for the Theatre3
THEA 351Rehearsal and Performance1-3
THEA 365Playwriting3
THEA 385Diverse Voices3