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The minor in professional writing and editing comprises 18 hours in writing courses. No more than six credits can be in creative writing; six credits may be taken in internship courses. Students may choose from the following professional writing and editing courses.

Course Title Hours
ENGL 302Legal Writing3
ENGL 304Persuasive Writing3
ENGL 310Professional Writing3
ENGL 350Digital Rhetoric3
ENGL 367Writing Process and Practice3
ENGL 388Professional, Scientific and Technical Writing3
ENGL 389The Teaching of Writing Skills3
ENGL 393Rhetoric in Public Life3
ENGL 394Topics in Professional Writing3
ENGL 453Modern Rhetoric3
ENGL 487Scholarly Editing3
ENGL 489Literary Editing and Publishing3
ENGL 491Topics in Writing3
ENGL 493English Internship1-3
ENGL 494Blackbird Editorial Internship1-3
ENGL 495Social Media Internship1-3