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In order to complete the minor in English, students must take at least 15 credits (five classes) in courses offered by the Department of English.The minor in English consists of 18 credits in English literature, literary criticism and/or linguistics courses. No more than six credits may be taken at the 200 level. Note: Writing courses do not count toward the minor.

Course Title Hours
Select 18 credits from the following:18
Literary contexts
Western World Literature I
Western World Literature II
British Literature I
British Literature II
American Literature I
American Literature II
Contemporary World Literature
Women in Literature
Topics in Literature
Early Literary Traditions
English Drama From 900 to 1642
Medieval Literature: Old English to Middle English
Late Medieval Literature
Early Modern Literature
Shakespeare in Context
Restoration and 18th-century Drama
Restoration and 18th-century British Literature
18th-century British Novels and Narratives
British Literature of the Romantic Era
19th-century British Novels and Narratives
Victorian Poetry
Early 20th-century British Literature
British Literature and Culture After 1945
The Modern Novel
Modern Poetry
Modern Drama
Contemporary Poetry
Contemporary Literature
Women Writers
Queer Literature: ____
African-American Women Writers
The Bible as Literature
African Literature
Mythology and Folklore
Caribbean Literature
Illness Narratives
American Literary Beginnings
U.S. Literature: 1820-1865
U.S. Literature: 1865-1913
U.S. Literature: Modernism
U.S. Literature After 1945
19th-century U.S. Novels and Narratives
20th-century U.S. Novels and Narratives
African-American Literature: Beginnings Through the Harlem Renaissance
Southern Literature
Multiethnic Literature
African-American Literature: Realism to the Present
Fiction into Film
Topics in Literature
Medieval Epic and Romance
Medieval Studies: ____
Early Modern Studies: ____
18th-century Studies: ____
19th-century Studies: ____
20th-century Studies: ____
Authors: ____
Genres: ____
Literary Topics: ____
Literary Texts and Contexts: ____
Literary Movements: ____
Independent Study (up to three credits)
Introduction to Literary Theory
Feminist Literary Theory
Form and Theory of Poetry
Form and Theory of Fiction
Form and Theory of Creative Nonfiction
Literary Theory and Criticism: ____
Introduction to Linguistics
Language, Culture and Cognition
Modern Grammar
History of the English Language
Language and Gender
Modern Rhetoric
Cross-cultural Communication
Foreign language in translation 1
Early German Literature
Modern German Literature
Topics in Foreign Literature in English Translation
Total Hours18

A maximum of three credits may be taken in the noted FLET courses.

English majors may not minor in English.