The European studies minor consists of 18 credits. A minimum of 12 credits must be earned at the upper (300- or 400-) level. No more than six credits can be earned within the same discipline.

Geographically pertinent foreign languages not taught at VCU will be considered on a case-by-case basis through the School of World Studies Advising Office.

Note: Language placement test results cannot substitute for completion of course work.

Course Title Hours
Select a minimum of three credits of geographically pertinent foreign language course work at the advanced level (300 or above)3
Select 15 credits from the following:15
Select a minimum of three credits from the following:
Survey of European History
Survey of European History
The Early Middle Ages
High and Later Middle Ages
Europe in the Early Modern Period, 1350-1650
Europe in Absolutism and Enlightenment, 1648-1815
The Zenith of European Power, 1815-1914
The Age of Total War in Europe, 1914-1945
Postwar Europe, 1945 to the Present
History of France I
History of France II
History of Germany I
History of Germany II
The Holocaust
Nazi Germany
History of Early Modern Britain
History of Modern Britain
History of Russia I
History of Russia II
History of Spain and Portugal
History of Women in Europe I
History of Women in Europe II
Select a minimum of three credits from the following:
Anthropology of Development and Globalization 1
Senior Capstone in International Studies 1
Topics in International Studies 1
International Marketing
European Governments and Politics
Russian and Post-Soviet Politics
Mediterranean Religions
Great Cities of the World 1
Cultural Texts and Contexts: ____ 1
Topics in World Languages and Cultures 1
Topics in World Languages and Cultures 1
Select a minimum of three credits from the following:
French Civilization and Culture I
French Civilization and Culture II
Survey of Literature
and Survey of Literature
French Regional Culture
French Contemporary Culture
French Media
Francophone Literatures and Cultures 1
From the Vandals to Kant: Civilization and Literature I
From Faust to Nazism: Civilization and Literature II
From Kafka's World to the EU: Civilization and Literature III
The Turn of the Century
Folk/Popular Culture
Culture and Society
Italian Cinema: ____
Themes in Italian Literature: ____
Topics in Italian
Conversation and Media
Literature and Culture: ____
Russian Film
Topics in Russian
Civilization of Spain I
Survey of Spanish Literature
Civilization of Spain II
Introduction to World Cinema
Total Hours18

When appropriate: Always check first with the SWS Advising Office before enrolling in these courses.

Courses taken through an approved study abroad program in an appropriate location must be pre-approved through the SWS Advising Office.

Students majoring in art history may apply three credits of an art history course relevant to Europe toward the minor. The art history course must be approved through the SWS Advising Office.