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A minor in Russian studies requires at least 18 credits, none of which may be earned at the 100 level.

Note: Language placement test results cannot substitute for completion of course work.

Course Title Hours
RUSS 201Intermediate Russian3
RUSS 202Intermediate Russian Readings3
or RUSS 205 Intermediate Russian Conversation
Select at least three credits at the 300 level or above from courses taught in Russian3
Select nine credits from courses taught either in Russian or in English that relate to Russian history, politics, society or culture, from the following:9
Topics in Literature 1
Topics in Foreign Literature in English Translation 1
History of Russia I
History of Russia II
History in Film: ____ 1
Topics in History 1
Senior Capstone in International Studies 1
Topics in International Studies 1
Russian and Post-Soviet Politics
Conversation and Media (in Russian)
Literature and Culture: ____ (in Russian)
Russian Film (in Russian)
Topics in Russian (in Russian)
Regional Geography of ____ 1
Great Cities of the World 1
Cultural Texts and Contexts: ____ 1
Human Rights and Literature 1
Topics in World Languages and Cultures 1
Topics in World Languages and Cultures 1
Total Hours18

When appropriate: Always check first with the SWS Advising Office before enrolling in these courses.

Courses taken through an approved study abroad program in an appropriate location (must be preapproved through the SWS Advising Office).