The B.F.A. in Communication Arts with a concentration in scientific illustration is designed for students who seek to develop the artistic skills and visual communication strategies necessary to effectively present complex and detailed scientific information. The degree requirements combine art and design courses with science courses to develop a broad base of scientific understanding and refined artistic aptitude.

The communication arts courses for the concentration mirror those for the non-concentration B.F.A., with additional requirements focused on representational drawing of scientific observations. The approved science courses allow students to pursue a focused scientific specialty or a broad understanding of scientific concepts.

Students will need to plan their academic study efficiently in order to include the appropriate science courses into the academic requirements for the B.F.A. degree. Seeking advisement during the process is highly recommended.

A student who intends to establish a professional career in medical illustration should refer to the minor in scientific illustration.

Student learning outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in observational drawing.
  • Students will be able to analyze, synthesize and evaluate artwork from conceptualization to completion.
  • Students will effectively apply the elements and principles of design to creative solutions.
  • Students will demonstrate technical proficiency in a variety of digital and physical media.
  • Students will engage with the historical and current contexts of communication arts.
  • Students will demonstrate professional best practices and ethical behavior.