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The B.F.A. in Communication Arts with a concentration in visual effects is designed for students seeking a specialization in the artistic, technical and narrative production of digital visual effects for live-action footage. 

The communication arts courses for the concentration mirror those for the non-concentration B.F.A., with additional requirements focused on 2D and 3D software, digital filming, compositing, motion-capture and applicable post-production workflows. The approved cinema course will focus on the mechanics of screenwriting to serve as a foundation for interpreting narrative storytelling into a visual effects storyboard.

The 18 credits required in the concentration will combine art and technology to develop a broad understanding of digital visual effects. A students who intends to establish a professional career in post-production and visual effects will benefit from this concentration.

Student learning outcomes

Communication arts core outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in drawing, including the figure.
  • Students will demonstrate conceptual and critical thinking.
  • Students will articulate conceptual and visual ideas to communicate content.
  • Students will demonstrate competence in the use of traditional media.
  • Students will demonstrate competence in the use of digital media and emerging technologies.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of the historical and current context of communication arts.
  • Students will demonstrate ethical and professional practices.

Visual effects concentration-specific outcomes

  • Students will be able to develop visual effects, from a variety of sources, to completion.
  • Students will demonstrate technical proficiency setting up scenes for visual effects.