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The Middle Eastern and Islamic studies minor consists of a minimum 18 credits or 21 if the student must complete a 200-level Arabic course. A minimum of 12 credits must be earned at the upper (300 or 400) level. No more than six credits can be earned within the same discipline.

Course Title Hours
Required courses9-12
Intermediate Arabic II 1
Rethinking the Middle East
Contemporary Issues in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies: ____
Approved electives
Select nine credits from:9
Communication and Composition
Topics in Arabic: ____
Early Islamic Art in a Global Context
Islamic Art in a Global Context 1200 to 1600 CE
Modern and Contemporary Art in the Middle East
Topics in Foreign Literature in English Translation (when topic is relevant)
The Middle East, 600-1600
Modern Middle East
Early Modern Ottoman Empire
Modern Ottoman Empire
Religious and Ethnic Minorities in the Middle East
Revolutions and Counterrevolutions in the Middle East
Topics in International Studies (when topic is relevant)
International Media Coverage: The Middle East
Governments and Politics of the Middle East
History of the Jewish People I
History of the Jewish People II
Women in Islam
Topics in Religious Studies (when topic is relevant)
Modern Islamic Thought and Global Trends
Islamic Mysticism: the Sufis
Topics in Religious Studies (when topic is relevant)
Human Rights and Literature (when topic is relevant)
Topics in World Languages and Cultures (when topic is relevant)
Total Hours18-21

This requirement may be satisfied by equivalent course work, such as ARBC 205, or by a sufficient score on the Avant STAMP 4s Assessment for Arabic.